Ridgeline Counseling Services, LLC


I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) specializing in counseling individuals and families coping with chronic disease, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma-related issues, and other health concerns. In addition to healthcare counseling, I have practical experience and knowledge in many public health matters including the fields of oncology, maternal and child health, policy, health-promotion, disease-prevention, and health behavior and education.

I have a rich history working within and navigating the traditional medical model in hospitals, research institutions, and community-based health clinics. I also have experience working with integrative health practitioners who deliver complimentary treatment modalities.  It is common for patients, primary carepartners and family members to experience fear, confusion, anxiety, isolation, and loss of control as they navigate the health care system while simultaneously coping with a major illness.  I have significant experience assisting patients and their carepartners through this maze while reducing psychosocial distress.

I believe resources to help heal the mind and body intrinsically exists within all of us. My comprehensive approach to health includes – mindfulness meditation, physical exercise, holistic nutrition, spiritual enhancement, and a variety of integrated behavioral health practices. 

My practice consists of utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities.  I draw inspiration most heavily from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy, and Somatic Experiencing to help my clients achieve improved health and well-being. 

My primary areas of focus are: anxiety, depression, trauma, life-transitions and adjustment, decision-support counseling, health system education, grief and loss, end-of- life care, long-term treatment side-effects, palliative care and pain management, men’s health, carepartner stress, and communication strategies and coping skills for the entire family.  I believe my clients are truly “the courageous” because it takes a lot of courage, strength, and vulnerability to ask for help, struggle with uncertainty, face adversity head-on and move toward a place of greater empowerment.

I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2007. After graduating from Emory University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to attend graduate school at the University of North Carolina where I earned two master degrees in Social Work (MSW) and Public Health (MPH) in 2000.  Since graduate school, I have worked in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Montana utilizing my skills in a variety of ways ranging from crisis-counseling, research, education, advocacy, program development and management, and community organizing & engagement. 

When not working, I enjoy trail running, cross-country skiing and fly-fishing with my wife and dog.


It is only by practicing through a continual succession of agreeable and disagreeable situations that we acquire true strengths. To accept that pain is inherent and to live our lives from this understanding is to create the causes and conditions for happiness. — Suzuki Roshi